Muslim Names

Islamic Names With Meaning From M

Ma’mun Trustworthy, reliable
Ma’n Assistance
Maaz Brave Man
Mabad A place of worship
Madani Civilised
Madiyan Name of a place in Saudi Arabia
Madyan It is a place in Saudi where Muhammad(Saw) used to visit
Mahad Great, nice
Mahaz The place of war
Mahbeer Brave
Mahbub Dear, Darling, Sweetheart
Mahd The guided one
Mahdi Rightly Guided
Maher Skilled
Mahfuj The Protected One, The Protector
Mahfuz Preserved, safe
Mahja Place to sleep, quarters, lodgings
Mahmud The praised one, commendable
Majd Glory, nobility
Majdi Glorious, praiseworthy
Makhdoom One who is served
Makki Pertaining to Makkah
Malih A reciter of Quran was so-called
Malik Master
Mamduh Person commended, praised
Mamoon Secure, fearless
Mansoor Victorious
Mansur Divinely aided, victorious
Manzar View, Sight
Manzoor Approve(d), Accept(ed)
Maqbool Popular
Maqil Intelligent
Marghoob Desirable, coveted, agreeable
Maru’deen. A strong believer of the religion
Maruf Known accepted
Marwan Solid
Marzuq Blessed, fortunate
Masarrat Happiness, delight, joy
Mash’al Torch
Mashhood Witness
Mashhud Clear, Manifest, Witnessed
Mashkoor One who is deserving of much obliged, meriting, excellent
Masood Blissful, fortunate, auspicious
Masoud Lucky
Masroor Happy person, joyful
Masrur Happy, glad
Masud Fortunate, happy, lucky
Masum Innocent, infallible
Mateen Solid, constant, tough, substantive
Matloob Objective, goal
Mawsil Name of Hanafi Jurist of Iraq
Maymun Fortunate, blessed
Maysarah Ease, comfort
Mazin Cloud that carries rain
Mehboob Loveable
Mehtab The Moon
Mekka Name of Holy city
Mensur Winner
Miftah Key
Mika Cool, sweet, intelligent
Mika’il One of Allah’s angel
Mimar Mason, architect
Minhaj Road, Path
Miraj Ascension (to heaven)
Mirsab The sword of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Misbah Light, lamp
Miskeen Poor
Mistah Instrument to level something
Mo’tasim Handsome
Moazzam Respectable
Mobeen Sensitive
Moeen ud din Helper in the religion
Moeez Respectful
Moemen Believer and faithful to Allah
Mohammed Name of a final prophet (PBUH)
Mohid The person who has confidence in the unity of Allah Omnipotent
Mohsin Helper, attractive
Mokbul Accept
Mostafa Chosen one
Motaz Proud
Mounir Light, sunlight
Mourad Desire
Mu’adh Protected
Mu’afa Name of a man who went widely to discover Hadith
Mu’alla A judge and follower
Mu’allim Teacher
Mu’awiyah First Ummayad Caliph
Mu’awwiz Companion of Muhammad(Saw)who have joined in the Battle of Badr
Mu’ayyad Supported
Mu’inuddeen The Helper of the religion
Muammar Senior
Muammer Senior
Muballigh Preacher, one who preaches and propagates Islam
Mubarak Blessed, fortunate, auspicious
Mubaraq Blessing
Mubashir Spreader of good news
Mubassir Observer
Mubeen Clear
Mubid Intellectual
Mudabbir One who plans
Mudasir Handsome
Mudasser A word in the Qur’an
Mueen One who helps
Mueez One who gives protection
Mufaddal One who is preferred
Mufakkir Thinker, one who meditates
Mufallah One who prospers
Mufeed (from the verb fada to overflow)
Mufid Useful
Muflih One who prospers
Mufti Jurist
Mughith Helper, succourer
Muhafiz One who protects
Muhaimin Supervising, guardian, protector
Muhajir Immigrant
Muhammad Praiseworthy – name of Allah’s Messenger.
Muhannad Sword
Muharrem 1st month of the Islamic year
Muhdee One who presents
Muheet That which embraces all round
Muhib One who loves, friend
Muhriz Obtainer, winner, earner
Muhsin Beneficent, charitable
Muhtadi Right guided
Muhtashim One has many followers
Muiz The giver of might and glory
Mujaddid One who renews or renovates or refreshes
Mujahid A warrior
Mujazziz Name of a companion
Mujeeb Responder
Mujibur Responsive
Mujtaba The chosen one
Mukarram Respected, honored
Mukhlis Sincere, pure-hearted
Mukhtar Selected authorized
Mukthadir Strong, health
Mulayl A companion was so named
Mumin One who believes
Mumtaz One who is distinguished
Munaf Exalted, inconsistent with contradictory to
Munawwar Enlightened, lighted
Muneeb One who turns in repentance
Muneer Shining
Munir Moon’s Light, Lamp
Munis Name of a previous chief army guard
Munkadir Name of power and austere of Hadith
Munqad One who is led, conducted, obedient
Muntasir One of the Abbasid Khalifah was known in that capacity
Muntazir The awaiting
Munzir Warner
Muqaddas Sacred
Muqatadir Name of an Abbasid Khalifah
Muqbil Following, next
Muqtasid One who is economical, thrifty
Murabbi Patron, Superior, guardian
Murad Desire
Mursal Messenger, Prophet, Ambassador
Murshid Spiritual guide, instructor, mentor
Murtaad Ascetical
Murtadaa Chosen one
Murtaza The generous, The giving
Musa A Prophets name
Musaddiq One who confirms or verifies another
Musaid Helper
Museeb Apple in Persian. Also means a great warrior
Musharraf One who is honored, exalted
Musheer Advisor
Mushfiq Friend, considerate
Mushir “The one of the highest rank” was used mostly in the military in the past,
now used to describe many things in Arabic
Mushtaq Ardent, Longing
Muslih Reformer
Muslim One who submits to Allah
Mussarrat Joyful, always happy
Mustaeen The chosen one
Mustafa The chosen one, also one of the Sophists names
Mustafeed Profiting, gainful
Mustahsan Commendable
Mustajab One who is heard
Mustakim Straight road
Mustaneer Brilliant
Mustaqeem Straight
Mustatab Good, Delectable
Mutahhir What Purifies
Mutashim Decent, honest and modest
Mutasim Kept away from sin; the name of Khalifah
Mutawassit Moderate, average
Mutayyib Fragrant
Muttaqi Righteous, one who fears Allah
Muttee Obedient
Muzaffar Victorious
Muzakkir Reminder
Muzammil The wrapped one
Muzhir Witnessed, name of a companion
Muzzammil Wrapped

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