Muslim Girls Names

Muslim Baby Names For Girls With B

Badia: Unprecedented, Admirable, Unique.
Badiyah: Desert.
Badra: Full moon.
Badriyah: Resembling the full moon.
Baha: Value, Worth.
Bahaa: Beauty, shining.
Bahar: Spring, Prime (of life), Bloom (of youth).
Bahij: Splendid.
Bahira: Dazzling, brilliant.
Bahiya: Beautiful, Radiant.
Bahiyyah: Radiant, beautiful.
Bahriyah al-Aabidah: She was a committed admirer and austere of Basrah. She used to state,
“On the off chance that the heart surrenders the interests (insidious wants), it will at that point
domesticate learning.”
Bakht: Lot, Fate, Portion.
Bakhtawar: Fortunate, Lucky.
Balqees: She was the girl of Ahmad Bin Mishqar, and a recognized lady of her occasions; she was the spouse of Sayfud-din al-Hanafi. (A.N).
Balqis: Name of the queen of Shiba.
Banafsha: Girl of Abdullah Al-Rumiyah; was an exceptionally devout and liberal woman who gave much in charity (A.N).
Banan: Delicate, fingertips.
Banujah: The daughter of al-Mahdi.
Barakah: Blessing.
Bareerah: Pious.
Bariah: Excelling.
Barika: Bloom, Be successful.
Barrah: She was the aunt of the Prophet (S.A.W), girl of Abdul Muttalib Furthermore, the mother of Abi Salamah (R.A) additionally the name of the girl of Abi. Tijarah al-Abdariyah who described from the Prophet (S.A.W) (A.N)
Barzah: She was a narrator of hadith.
Basaaria: Beautiful, Prior.
Basbas: She was a slave young lady of Ibn Nafees; she was magnificent and had a
melodeon voice.
Baseema: Smiling.
Basheera: Bringer of good tidings, Joy.
Bashirah: Bringer of good tidings, joy.
Basilah: Brave, fearless.
Basimah: Smiling.
Basmah: A smile.
Basoos: She was the daughter of Munziq at-Tamimah (A.N).
Batinah: Hidden, Inner.
Batool: A true devotee woman of Allah.
Batrisyia: Intelligent.
Bazilah: Clever, intelligent.
Beena: Seeing, clear-sighted.
Beenish: Vision, sight; the faculty of seeing.
Benazir: Unique.
Benzair: Incomparable.
Bilqis: Queen of Sheeba.
Binesh: Clever.
Binish: Clever, Intelligent.
Birrah: Good Deed.
Bisharah: A narrator of Hadith.
Bisma: Smile.
Buhaysah: A narrator of hadith.
Buhayyah: The name of a freed female slave.
Bunanah: Yazid al-Abshamiyah’s daughter.
Buqayrah: A narrator of Hadith.
Burdah: She was Al-Suraymiyah and an extremely loyal admirer. she sobbed regularly so she at long last lost her vision. At the point when everything was peaceful and unmoving, she used to call out in a melancholy voice, O! Habib.
Busayrah: She was a female sidekick (R.A) and furthermore a Muhajirah, who
moved to Madinah; she likewise portrayed a Hadith citing the Prophet;
“put forth a concentrated effort to celebrating Allah, saying there isn’t God yet He and.
Bushra: Glad, tidings, good news.
Bushrah: Glad tidings, good news.
Busrah: Was a companion, lived until the period of Muawiyah.
Buthaynah: Of the beautiful and tender body.

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