Muslim Girls Names

Muslim Baby Names For Girls With A

A’idah: Guest, the one who’s returning

A’ishah:      Wife of the Prophet (SAW)

A’shadieeyah: Princess, cute, perfect

Aa’idah: Name of a narrator of hadith

Aabidah: Worshipper

Aabirah: Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral

Aabish:       Sa’d’s Daughter, who was an Iran (AN)’s Queen

Aadila:        Just, Honest, Equal, Upright

Aafia: Good health

Aafiya: Good Health

Aafreen: Brave, Acclaim

Aairah:       Noble, respectful

Aakifah: Devoted, Dedicated

Aala: Bounties

Aaleyah: Exalted, Highest social standing

Aalia: Exalted, Noble

Aalimah: Scholar, Authority

Aaliyah:      Tall, Towering

Aamaal: Hopes, Aspirations, Wishes

Aamanee: Good wish

Aamilah: Doer of (good) deeds, Righteous

Aaminah: Secured, Safe

Aamira:      Imperial, Abundant, Inhabited

Aamirah: Inhabitant

Aani Fatimah Khatoon: Name of woman who was literature and a poetess in Qastaniniyah

Aanisah: Young lady, Maiden

Aaqilah: Intelligent

Aara: Adoring

Aarifah:      Knowing, Women who recognize Islam

Aasia: Hope

Aatifa:        Affection, Sympathy

Aatikah: Generous

Aatiqah: Shoulder (support) old

Aatirah:      Fragrant

Aazeen:       Beauty

Abasah:      Daughter of al-Mahdi

Abdia:         Slave of Allah

Abeedah: Worshipper

Abeela: To be beautiful

Abeera:  The blend of the smell of the petals of Rose and Sundal

Abeerah: Rose, Sandal Saffron mixed together in fragrance

Abia: Great

Abida: Worshipper

Ablah: Perfectly formed

Abqurah: Genius

Ad’ifaah:     Smart, talented

Ada:  Grace, Expression

Adeeba:      Cultured, Polite

Adeela:       Equal

Adeelah:     Just

Adeena:      Pious, good luck

Adeeva:      Pleasant, Gentle

Alaia:          Virtuous

Alayna:       Princess (Iranian)

Aleemah:    Knowing, Knowledgeable

Aleena:       Silk of heaven

Aleesa:        Joy

Aleeza:        Joy

Alesha:       Protected by god

Alia:  Beautiful

Aliah:          Exalted, noble, highest social standing

Alika:          Love

Alima:         Wise

Alina:          Beautiful

Alishba:      Pretty

Aliyah:        Exalted, noble

Aliza: The Daughter of Ali (RA)

Alleyah:      Leader

Alma:          Apple

Almaas:      A diamond

Almas:        Diamond

Alvina:        Highest, Height

Alzubra:      A star in the constellation Leo

Amah:         Slave (Female);

Amala:        Hopes, Aspirations

Amalia:       Aspirations

Aman:         Peace

Amana:       Faithful, to believe

Amani:        Wishes, aspirations

Amany:       A Wish

Amara:       Eternal beauty, urgent news

Amatullah:  Slave of Allah

Amaya:       Night Rain

Ambareen:  Good smell

Amber:       Responsible

Ambereen:  Fragarance, amber, sky

Ameenah:   Trustworthy

Ameera:      Noble lady, princess

Ameerah:    Princess

Amelia:       Trustworthy, beautiful

Amena:       Trustworthy, faithful, peaceful, honest

Amilah:       Hopeful

Amima:       Near heart, somebody who gives direction, grand daughter of Prophet Muhammad (Saw)

Amina:        Honest

Aminah:      Trustworthy, faithful

Amira:        Princess

Amirah:      Royal lady, Princess

Ammara:    Shining star

Ammarah:  An inhabitant

Amna:         Peace

Amra:         Princess

Amrah:       Headgear

Amreen:      Sky

Amtullah:   Female servant of Allah

Ana:  Prestige, self respect

Anah:          Patience, perseverence

Anam:         Present

Anan:          Clouds

Anaum:       The blessing of Allah

Andaleeb:   Nightingale

Andalib:      Nightingale

Andlib:       A bird, one who is always happy

Aneeqa:      Beautiful

Aneesa:       Close, intimate, friendly

Aneesah:     Generous, loyal

Aneezah:     She-Goat

Anida: Obstinate

Anika:         Very unique

Anila:          Beautiful

Anisa:         Friendly

Anisah:       Close, intimate, friendly

Anisha:       Deep thinker, sensitive, high

Aniya:         Concern, Loving

Anja: Beauty

Anjum:       Stars

Anniyah:     Concern, loving

Anousha:    Sweet, joy, fortunate

Anwara:      Ray of Light

Anya:          Gracious

Aqeela:       Intelligent

Aqeelah:     Wise, Sensible

Aqsa: Name of a mosque

Areebah:     Witty, Smart

Areej: The aroma of blossom from an orange tree

Aresha:       Under an umbrella

Arfa: Greatness

Ariana:       Full of life

Aribah:       Wise

Arisha:        Highness

Arissa: Bright

Aroush:      Angel of paradise

Arva: Fertile, bountiful

Arwa:         Mountain gazelle

Arya: Noble

Aryisha:      Under tree/umberalla

Arzo: Hope

Arzoo:        Hope

Arzu: Wish, hope, love

Asalah:       Purity

Asbah:        Pure (as water)

Asfa: Protector, guardian

Asfia: Great

Asfiya:        Pure

Ashalina:    Sweet, always living, shy, loving

Ashbah:      Pearl

Asheeyana: House, nest

Ashika:       Love

Asifa: Organiser

Asima:        Protector

Asiya:         The Muslim wife of Pharaon

Asiyah:       She was the wife of the Farao in Moesa’s time. She turned muslima

          and died a shahieda because she refused to obey her husband and

          say that he (farao) was her God

Asma:         Loftier, more eminent

Asmara:      Beautiful butterfly

Asna: The one to be acknowledged or praised

Asra: River of Paradise

Ateefa:        Affection, Sympathy

Ateeqah:     Old Ancient

Ateeyah:     A gift

Athilah:      Deep-rooted, firmly established

Athmah:     A narrator of Hadith

Atia:  Gift

Atifa: Affectionate, sympathetic

Atika:         Flower, good smell

Atiqah:       Beautiful, charitable, loving

Atiya:         Gift

Awa: Beautiful angel, night

Aya:  Phrase from the holy Quran

Ayaana:      Lucky, good day, day of judgement

Ayaat:         Many signs & proofs, verses in the Quran

Ayah:          A couplet from Quran or a sign from the Allah

Ayana:        Lucky, good day, day of judgement

Ayat: Verses (pl. of Aya), signs, lessons, proofs

Ayesha:      Well of

Aymen:       Sacred, Brave, Old name of Arabia

Ayra: Respectable

Aysha: Prophet’s(Saw)  last wife name

Ayshah:      Wife of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)

Az-zahra:    Excellent and smart

Azadeh:      Princess

Azeemah:    Great

Azeeza:       Esteemed, precious, cherished

Azizah:       Esteemed, precious, cherished

Azka: Pious

Azma:         Blessing of Allah

Azmina:      Beautiful, shining

Azra: Maiden, Pious, Woman

Azraa:         Unpierced pearl

Azzah: Young, female gazelle

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