Dah: Rose.
Dee: Perseus’s mom by Zeus.
Del: Servant of God.
Dil: Heart.
Doa: Pray.
Dua: Prayer.
Dagi: Corn.
Dama: Control of the faculties.
Dana: God is My Judge.
Dani: Merciful.
Dara: Mercy.
Dasa: Slave.
Dawa: Medicine.
Dean: Valley.
Dema: The Rainy Cloud.
Dija: Premature Baby.
Dill: Heart.
Dima: Gentle Rain.
Dina: Love.
Diwa: Spirit.
Diya: Lamp.
Djin: Angel.
Doaa: Pray.
Doha: God’s Grace.
Duaa: Call.
Duah: A Wish.
Duha: Forenoon.
Duhr: Forenoon.
Durr: Pearls.

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Duva: Pitching Wave.
Dahab: Gold.
Dahah: Beauty.
Dahma: She was a Researcher of Religion.
Daiba: Assiduous.
Daifa: Defence.
Daiya: Caller for Islam.
Dalia: A Branch.
Dalya: Love, God has Judged.
Damaa: River.
Damia: Untamed.
Danah: Graceful.
Dania: Judgement Day.
Danya: God is My Judge.
Daria: Owner of Goodness.
Darra: a Tree, Small Great One, Riches.
Darya: Sea.
Dawah: Invitation.
Dawud: Prophets Name.
Dayna: From Denmark.
Daywa: Lord / God.
Deeba: Silk.
Deebe: Brocade.
Deema: Rainy Cloud.
Deena: Divine.
Dhana: Wealthy.
Dhani: Rich.
Dhikr: Remembrance of God.
Dhiya: Lamp.
Dhuha: Forenoon.
Dhuka: Name of the Sun.
Didja: Nurse.
Digna Worthy.
Dihan: Light, Deity.
Dilfa: Brave.
Dilna: Heart, Good Heart.
Dilsa: Wrestling Goddess.
Dimah: Down Pour.
Dinah: Avenged or Judged and Vindicated.
Dinar: Gold Coin.
Diwah: Candles.
Donya: Lady of the House.
Dorri: Sweet.
Dorsa: Pearl-like.
Douha: Morning.
Dunaa: Worlds.
Dunia: The World.
Duny: Earth.
Duqaq: Kind.
Durar: Pearl.
Durra: Pearl.
Dusya: Hope.
Daania: Beautiful.
Dafiya: Narrator of Hadith.
Dahabe: The Golden Child.
Dahlia: Flower Name.
Daieba: Hard Worker.
Daisha: Pretty and Inviting Lady.
Dalaal: Cuddling, Pampering.
Dalale: Coquettishness.
Dalall: Coquettishness.
Dalida: Poor.
Dalila: Gentle.
Dalina: Noble, Kind.
Daliya: Great, Dahlia.
Dalwah: A Bucket.
Damali: Beautiful Vision.
Damaly: A Beautiful Vision.
Damien: Untamed, To Tame.
Damira: Long Live the World.
Danean: Dane.
Danish: Learning, Wisdom.
Daniya: Kind-Hearted, The One who Gets.
Danyah: Close, Near.
Dareen: Wise.
Dariya: Learned.
Darsie: Glimpse.
Daulah: Wealth, Empire.
Daulat: Power, Wealth.
Daumaa: Sea / Ocean.
Dawlah: Wealth.
Dawmat: A Type of Palm Tree.
Dayfah: Guest.
Deanna: Divine.
Deebaa: Cloth of Silk.
Deemah: Honestly.
Deenah: Obedience.
Delbar: Sweetheart.
Delila: Hair.
Delnaz: Sweetheart.
Deneen: Avenged.
Derifa: Graceful.
Deviya: Divine.
Dhahab: Gold.
Dhiyaa: Radiance.
Dhuhaa: Mid Morning.
Dhukaa: Name of the Sun.
Dihana: Light.
Dilara: Lover.
Dilbar: Close to Heart.
Dildar: Having a Big Heart.
Dilnar: Good Heart.
Dilnaz: Sweetheart.
Dilsad: Add Meaning.
Dilsha: Queen of Heart.
Dinaaz: Music, Religious Song.
Dinara: Gold Coin.
Diqrah: Narrator of Hadith.
Dirran: Gentle and Liberal Individual.
Divina: Like a Goddess.
Diyaar: Home-land.
Diyana: Divine.
Doniya: Life.
Donyaa: World.
Doreen: God’s Gift.
Dornaz: Lovely like Pearls.
Dounia: Terrestrial Life.
Dubaah: Praying All Year.
Dulari: Dear One, Beloved.
Dulika: Add Meaning.
Duniya: World.
Duriya: Shining.
Durrah: Large Pearl.
Daarina: Love.
Dafinah: Hidden Treasure.
Dafiyah: Soft, Narrator of Hadith.
Dahabea: The Golden Child.
Dahabia: The Golden Child.
Dainyat: To Give.
Dalalle: Coquettishness.
Daleela: Guide.
Daleena: Kind, Noble.
Dalilah: Guide.
Daliyah: Tree Branch.
Damalea: A Beautiful Vision.
Damalee: A Beautiful Vision.
Damaley: A Beautiful Vision.
Damalie: A Beautiful Vision.
Damesha: Small Noblewoman.
Danamir: Looking out for Someone.
Dananir: Money.
Dhikraa: Remembrance, Memory.
Dhilaal: Shades.
Dhullah: Dark Cloud.
Dilhasu: Joy of Heart.
Dilisha: Delight.
Dilkash: Captivating.
Dilksha: Add Meaning.
Dilnaaz: Beautiful Heart.
Dilnara: Good Heart.
Dilruba: Heart-ravishing.
Dilshad: Joyful.
Dilwara: Lovely.
Dinarah: Gold Coin.
Diyanah: Religion.
Diyanat: Creed, Religion.
Djamila: Gorgeous Woman.
Draksha: Shining Star.
Dujanah: Rain.
Dunyana: World.
Durdana: Single Pearl.
Durriya: Expensive Pearl.
Durruya: Glittering.
Daajiyah: Living Well.
Daaniyah: Close.
Dafeenah: Hidden Treasure.
Dahabeah: The Golden Child.
Dahabiah: The Golden Child.
Daleesha: Delight.
Daliyana: Flower.
Damaleah: A Beautiful Vision.
Dameetha: One of Good Manners.
Dastiaar: Helper.
Dhakiyah: Bright.
Dileesha: Delight.
Dilkasha: Captivating.
Dilkusha: Happy Heart.
Dilshaad: Happy.
Dilshada: Beloved.
Dilshana: Joy of Heart.
Dilshida: Wisdom.
Djamilia: Beautiful.
Dordaneh: Pearl Bead.
Durdaana: Single Pearl.
Durdanah: Pearl.
Durriyah: Shining.
Dhaakirah: One who Continually Recollects Allah.
Dhakiyyah: Intelligent.
Dhilshana: Joy of Heart.
Dilafroze: Attractive.
Dilnashee: Pleasing.
Dilshidha: Cheerful.
Dragomira: Precious – Peaceful.
Durriyyah: Brilliant.
Daaemiyyah: Perpetual.
Darakhshan: Shining.
Dilnasheeh: Good Heart.
Dur-Afshan: Scattered Pearls.
Darakhshaan: Shining.
Darkhshanda: Splendid.
Dur-E-Shahwar: Kings like Pearl.

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