Jaan Life, Soul
Jabir Consoler, Comforter, restorer
Jabr Compulsion Title of a company
Jad Curly, Frizzled
Jafar Rivulet, Flow
Jaffer Flowing water
Jahangir A Moghul emperor had this title
Jahanzeb Beautiful
Jahdami An Authority for hadith had this title
Jahdari The power of the Quran had this title
Jahiz Ogle-eyed
Jahm Sullen
Jalal Glory, grandeur
Jalees Companion, Buddy, an individual with whom one sits
Jalil Great, revered
Jamal Beauty
Jamesha Beautiful leader
Jamil Wonderful, Beautiful
Jan Life, heart
Jaraah Surgeon; Title of tabaree
Jareer Corpulent
Jari Powerful, Courageous
Jariyah Title Of a Ashb-as-Suffa
Jarood Title Of a company of the Muhammad (Saw)
Jarrar Brave
Jasim Healthy, Powerful, Strong
Jasmir Powerful
Jauhar Gem, Gem
Javed Intelligent
Javeed Permanently
Javier Month of January
Jawad Liberal, generous
Jawdan Goodness
Jawhar Jewel, gem
Jazib Wonderful, Handsome
Jazlaan Happiness
Jeelan It is a town in Iran
Jibran Reward
Jibril Archangel of Allah (Gabriel)
Jihad Struggle, Islamically sanctioned warfare
Jiyad Really Fantastic
Juayl Quarrelsome
Jubair Counsels Or brings together
Juhaym Sullen
Juma’ Friday
Jumanah Pearl; Title of a company
Jummal Unit of military
Junaid Fighter, Worrier whose potency is equivalent to some little military
Junayd Fighter, Warrior
Jundub Grasshopper (the title of a company )
Juthamah Nightmare (the title of a company )