Zackariya Title of a prophet

Zaeem The chief

Zafar Victorious

Zafir Victorious

Zafrul Honest, Dependable and very ambitious

Zaheer shining and bright

Zahi Bright, shining

Zahir Bright, shining

Zaid Growth, Boost

Zaigham Lion

Zaighum Lion, Powerful

Zaim Leader or General, somebody Who’s required

Zain Buddy, beloved

Zair Pilgrim

Zakar Handsome, Kind hearted

Zakariya Name of a Prophet (A.S)

Zakariyya The title of a Prophet

Zaki Intelligent, pure, chaste

Zakir A person that believes in Allah, religion

Zaman Time, fate

Zameer Conscience

Zamil Buddy, colleague

Zarar Brave, Courageous

Zaroon Visitor

Zarrar A good Muslim warrior

Zayan Bright

Zayb Adornment

Zayd In prosperity, plentiful

Zayer Tourist, that visits sacred places

Zebadiyah Allah’s present

Zeeshan A high quality

Zeeya Light

Zeyad Prince, both the kind and honest. Peace and reality

Zia Wise

Ziaud Splendorlight

Zishan Peaceful

Ziyad Abundance

Zohaib Leader, king

Zohair Greatest buddy of the previous prophet (S.A.W)

Zoran Dawn

Zubair Appropriate Name

Zubayr It is a suitable name, a Sahabas’ name along with the youngest fighter at Al
Zuehb Clever Minded

Zufar Title of Imam Abu Hanifah’s disciple

Zuhaib Star

Zuhair The prophet

Zuhayr Bright

Zuhoor glimpse, Manifestation

Zulaym A narrator of Hadith

Zulfaqar Sword the Prophet (S.A.W) contributed to Sayyidina Ali

Zulfiqar Sword title of Hazrat Ali

Zulqarnain Somebody using two lovely eyes

Zunnoon Appellation of Prophet Yunus (A.S)

Zuti Title of this grandfather of Imam Abu Hanifah