Cala:                      Fortress, Lovely, Most Beautiful.

Cali:                        Most Beautiful.

Casy:                     Descendant of Cathasaigh.         

Ciji:                         Cute.

Cyra:                      Beautiful, Moon; Like the Sun.  

Calah:                    Favourable, Opportunity.

Carna:                   War Horn, Goddess of Flesh.     

Cemal:                 Beauty.

Chaka:                 A Lark, Life, Energy Centre.        

Chana:                 Favoured, Grave, Graceful.        

Chand:                 Moon. 

Chema:                God is with us.

Choti:                    Little, Small.       

Ciara:                     Black like a Raven, Dark, Black.  

Cailie:                    Beloved.

Cambar:               Amber.

Cambra:               Amber.

Cambur:               Amber.

Cambyr:               Amber.

Cantar:                 Small Bridge.     

Carmen:               Garden of God, Crimson or Red.              

Casild:                   Virgin Carrier of the Lance.         

Casyld:                 Virgin Carrier of the Lance.         

Caylie:                   Beloved, Slender, Variant of Caley.         

Celina:                 Young Warrior, Rendered to Mars.         

Chaand:               The Moon.         

Chadia:                Gracious.            

Chadna:               Love.

Chafia:                 Look After.        

Chahat:                Desire, Love.

Chahra:                Notoriety.

Chakra:                 Energy Centre of the Body.

Chaman:              Garden.

Chamen:              Garden of Flowers.

Chamis:                Sun.

Champa:              A Flower, Essence of Sun, Fragrant.        

Chanda:               Moon. 

Chehra:                Face.    

Cheryn:                Moon. 

Chessy:                At Peace.            

Chiraz:                  Light.