Naa’irah Bright, Shining
Naailah Something special
Naajidah Courage
Naazneen Beautiful
Naba Great News
Nabeeha Intelligent
Nabeelah Noble
Nabiha Honest
Nabihah Intelligent, noble, eminent
Nabijah Ambitious, Leader and Brave
Nabila Happiness, generosity
Nabilah Noble, magnanimous
Nada Generosity, dew
Nadeen Hope
Nadesh Hope
Nadia Hope
Nadimah Friend
Nadira Precious and rare
Nadirah Rare, precious
Nadiyah Caller, announcer
Nadra Rare, unique
Nadyne Flower
Naeema Ease, blessing
Nafeesa Precious
Nafeesah Precious gem
Nafesa Princess
Nafiah Profitable
Nafisah Precious gem
Nageen Precious stone
Nageenah Precious Stone
Nagheen Pearl
Nagina Diamond
Nahal Small Plant
Naheed Honorable
Naheeda Beautiful
Nahida Elevated, delightful
Nahleejah Down to earth, cool
Naifah This is a famous woman’s names, loved by the masses for
her kindness and generosity, her advice was sought by the people in
different affairs

muslim baby girl names
muslim baby girl names

Nailah One who succeeds
Naima Powerful, strong-minded person
Naimah Tranquility
Nain Eye
Naina Eyes
Najaf City in Iraq
Najah Success, safety
Najat Safety, Security
Najdah Courage, bravery
Najibah Of noble birth, distinguished
Najidah Succour, Help
Najihah Victory
Najiyah Safe
Najla Of wide eyes
Najma A Star, in middle of a group of stars
Najmah Star
Najmiyyah Star
Najwa Confidential talk, secret conversation
Nakhat Fragrance
Nakia Pure, faithful
Namra Delicious water
Namyla Quiet, Serious
Naqeebah Leader, Head, Chief
Naraiman Pious angel
Nargis Narcissus
Narmin A flower, delicate, soft, slender
Naseeka Nusuk (Arabic sacrifice), piece of gold
Naseemah Breeze
Naseerah Helper
Nasha Scent, perfume
Nasheed Beautiful one
Nasheelah Honeycomb
Nashema Wise, Blossom
Nashirah Publisher, Diffuser; Spreader
Nashitah Active, energetic
Nashmia Garden of flowers
Nashwa Elated, flushed
Nasifah Just, equitable
Nasiha Advice
Nasihah Advisor
Nasimah Gentle breeze, zephyr
Nasira Glowing star
Nasirah Helper, protector
Nasra Helper
Nasreen Wild Rose
Nasrin Blue scented flower
Nasrullah Victory of Allah
Natara Guardian
Natasha Strong
Nathifa Pure, Clean
Naureen Bright light
Naurus Bird in Arabic
Naushaba Elixir
Nausheen Sweet, pleasant, agreeable
Naushin Sweet
Naveda Glad things
Naveen New, Superb, Something that is better than others
Navil To be blessed
Nawal Gift
Nawar The one who guards herself, Flower
Naweed Good news
Nawel Gift
Nawlah She was a narrator of Hadith
Nawwal Gift


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