Pakeezah Pure

Pakiza Pure, chaste, considerate, fine

Paksima One having an innocent face.

Palwasha Light Ray of Moon

Paniz Sugar

Panra Leaf

Pardaj Splendour

Pareerou With a face like a fairy tale

Parghunda Cotton

Pari biba Daughter of Shaistah Khan

Parigul Angel of blossoms.

Pariwarsh A woman Who’s as beautiful as a fairy

Pariwish Fairy confronted, or even angelic beauty.

Parizad Of celestial origin

Parkha Dew or Small droplets of water dropping through the night

Parniyan Soft silk, a dress made from silk.

Parsa Chaste, Devout, Pious

Parween Cluster of small stars, colorful set of men or entities

Paša A position in army system.

Pashmina Woollen kind of fabric

Patasa Sort of Chocolate

Peghra To commend or somebody worthy of a compliments

Pelin Little foliage

Pennarasi Queen

Perkha Dew

Permaz Waiting, wait.

Perseng Name of a star

Perveen Pleiades or a bunch of stars.

PonMalar Golden Flower

Ponnagai Golden Smile

Poupak A Kind of bird