Taabeer Way

Taalia Rising Star

Tabalah She was a narrator of Hadith

Tabinda Bright, shining

Tafida Paradise

Tahani Congratulations

Tahera Pure, chaste

Tahfeem Beautiful

Tahira Holy, Pure

Tahirah Pure, chaste

Tahiyah Greeting, cheer

Tahlibah Loyal, fair

Tahseenah Acclaim

Taibah Repentant

Tala Little palm tree, Star

Talibah Seeker-after understanding

Tamanna Wish

Tamara Date shrub

Tameemah Title of a poetess

Tanisha Happiness

Tanweer Radiant, Illuminating

Tanzeela Revelation, Obtaining hospitably

Tanzila It’s utilized as a verb in Quaran as”tanzeel” so to ship by God
Or to come in the havens. It was utilized for its revelations and it could
Also, be known as Tanzeela

Taqiyah Pious, righteous

Tara Star

Tariqah It is the title of the freed slave of Labeet of their household of this
Princes of all al-Qays bin Zayd (AN)

Tarub Merry

Tasavur Imaginary image

Taseefa Clever, intelligent

Tasheen Ever Allergic

Taskeen Peace

Tasleem Little Star

Tasliymah Peace

Tasneam Water in paradise

Tasneem Fountain of paradise

Tasnim Fountain of heaven

Tatheer Purifier, one who purifies

Taybah Pure

Tayyibah Good, agreeable, pleasant

Tazeen A decoration, decoration bit

Tazim Respect

Tazkia Particular, Special

Tazmeen One with great qualities, character & customs

Tehmeed Praise of Allah (SWT)

Tehreem Surah Tehrem at Quran

Tehzeeb Respect

Thabitah Company

Thahera Clean

Thaminah Silly, generous

Thana Thankfulness, compliments

Thara Wealth

Tharya Title of a lady

Thashin Acclaim

Thawab Bonus

Thoraya Star

Thubaytah She had been one of the ancient Muhajirs to Madina along with a distinguished Girl companion, daughter of Yaar bin Zayd al-Ansariyah

Thufailah Elegant with great respect for the elders

Thuml Title of an early distinguished woman

Thurayya Star

Thuwaybah Title of one of those wet-nurses of this Prophet (S.A.W)

Tisha One who’s busy, lively

Tooba Great news

Toufika Divine assistance or advice, empowering, inner motivation

Tuba The title of a shrub in paradise

Tubassum Smile

Tufaylah This is the title of the freed slave of al-Waleed bin Abdullah; she
Sent Hadith out of Sayyidah Ayshah (R.A)

Tulayhah She was a narrator of Hadith

Tumadur Old Arabic name