Saadia Lucky

Saadiya Flower

Saaedah The silent one

Saaleha Flower

Saaliha Pure pious and dedicated

Saara Princess

Saarah Joyful, pure

Saba Sheba

Sabah Dawn

Sabahat Beauty, Grace, Handsomeness

Sabburah Quite individual, lasting

Sabeegah Beautiful, sexy

Sabeen cool breeze of the afternoon

Sabeeyah Baby woman

Sabiha Beautiful

Sabihah Beautiful, sexy

Sabina Flower

Sabiqah Past

Sabirah Patient, perseverant

Sabreen hindsight, endurance

Sabrin Patience

Sabriyah Patient, maintaining

Sabuhi Morning Star

Sadaf Shell, Oyster, Pearl

Sadia Lucky

Sadiah Good fortune

Sadiqa Honest, honest

Sadiqah Truthful, true

Sadiyah Blessed

Sadoof Name of a poetess

Saeedah Fortunate, Auspicious

Safa Clarity, purity of mind, calmness

Safeerah Messenger; Ambassador

Saffiya Greatest buddy

Safia Pure

Safiyya Greatest buddy

Safiyyah Untroubled, calm, pristine, best buddy

Safoorah Wife of Prophet Musa (A.S)

Safwah An Arab female name

Safwana A Shining Star, Rock

Sageda Sageda is one who prostrates

Sagheerah Short

Saharish Cool & refreshing breeze of Morning

Sahibah Colleague

Sahirah Wakeful

Sahlah Easy, handy

Sahrish Sunrise

Saibah She was a narrator of hadith

Saida Most Wonderful, Classy, friendly

Saidah Happy, blessed

Saila Sunshine

Saima Keeps fasts

Saimah Fasting

Saiqa Lightning

Saira Joyful

Sairah One that travels

Sairish Magic, blossom

Sajidah Prostrating to Allah

Sakeenah Calm, tranquil and quiet

Sakina She was a narrator of Hadith

Sakinah Allah-inspired reassurance

Saleemah Healthy, Healthy Audio

Saleena Moon

Salifah Past

Salihah Good, helpful, righteous, devout

Salikah After; Mystic

Salimah Sound, secure, healthy

Salma Peaceful

Salmaa Peaceful

Salsabil A fountains in Paradise

Salwa Solace, quail, relaxation

Samaa Sky

Samah Generosity

Samaira Enchanting

Muslim Girl Names From S

Muslim Girl Names From S

Samar Evening dialog

Samara Soft fine light, She’s a narrator of hadith

Samarah A narrator of Hadith

Sameea One that listens

Sameeha Generous boon of Allah

Sameen Precious

Sameena A sizable forest in heaven

Sameenah Overweightfat

Samera Enchanting

Sameya Pure

Samia Exalted, noble, much commended

Samiah Forgiveness or forgiver

Samina Precious, Generous

Samira Call

Samirah Interesting female companion

Samiun The Idol

Samiya To listen

Samiyah Elevated, Silly, Silly

Sammar Fruit

Samra Pure, guarantee, fruit

Samrah Name of fruit, also composed in the Quran 24 occasions

Samrina Flower or fruit

Sana Resplendence, brilliance; to gaze, seem

Sanam Beloved

Sanari Sweet and Beautiful

Sanaubar Cone bearing tree

Sanika Strong-minded, warm-hearted

Saniya Moment in time

Saniyah She was a narrator of Hadith

Saniyya Radiant, glowing

Sanjeedah Serious

Sara Princess

Sarah Pure, Joyful, Princess

Sarina Peace

Sarish Morning

Sarra She had been a female companion

Sarrinah Beautiful, companion of Muhammad (Saw)

Sarwari Chief

Sarwat Wealth, Power, Impact

Sarwath Wealth, wealth

Savaira Morning

Sawdah A spouse of the Prophet (S.A.W)

Sawsan Lily

Sayyidah Chief

Seem Title of a flower

Seemeen Title of a few girls

Seerat Inner beauty, celebrity

Seham Arrows

Seher Beautiful sun of sunlight and day

Sehr Sunrise

Sehrish The sunrise

Selina Moon, Salty

Senada Graceful, heavenly

Senait Great Luck

Shabana Famous

Shabeehah Picture, Picture, Like

Shabina The eye of this storm

Muslim Girl Names From S

Muslim Girl Names From S

Shabnam Dew

Shadha Aromatic

Shadmani Joy, joy

Shafana Layout and Virtuous

Shafaq Dawn. Redness at the skies at sunset

Shafath Curing or curing people

Shafeeqah A compassionate kind-hearted friend

Shafia Mercy

Shafiah Intercessor

Shafiqah Compassionatetender

Shagufta Blooming, Joyful

Shahada Bearing watch

Shahana Queen

Shaharun Honest, reliable

Shahed Honey

Shaheema Smart, smart

Shaheena Falcon

Shaheenah Falcon

Shaheerah Well-known

Shahida Witness

Shahidah Witness

Shahina Princess

Shahirah Renowned

Shahla Dark blossom, Dark gray eyes

Shahmeen Princess

Shahnaaz Pride of the king

Shahnaz Bride

Shahnoor Royal Glow

Shahreen Sweet

Shahzaadee Princess

Shahzana Princess married to a tribe

Shaila Small mountain

Shaima Good-natured

Shairah Poetess

Shaista Polite. She needs encouragement and support in all of her objectives.
Unbelievably dedicated

Shaistah Polite, Courteous

Shajarah Tree

Shajee’ah Brave

Shakeelah Comely, amazing

Shakila Pretty

Shakirah Thankful, thankful

Shakurah Grateful, really thankful

Shalimar Beautiful & Powerful

Shama Lamp

Shamailah Good traits superb mood

Shamama Fragrance

Shamamah Fragrance

Shameemah A fragrant breeze

Shameena Beautiful

Shamila Among friendly and understated character

Shamim Sweet, mild odor

Shamima Allergic breeze

Shamis The sunlight

Shamoodah Diamond

Shamsa Sunshine

Shamsia Beautiful, Shining Star, One and only

Shanaz Pride of King

Shanika Great

Shanum Allah’s blessing, dignity

Shanza Woman of Evidence

Shanzay Princess

Shanze Rose

Shaqeeqah Real sister

Sharayah Poetess

Shareekah Partner

Shareen Sweet

Sharifah Noble, admired, distinguished

Shariqah Shining

Sharleez Beautiful

Sharmeen Shy
Sharmin Modesty

Shasmeen really beautiful, a center of the stone, reliable, an angel, ideal

Shatha She was a narrator of Hadith

Shayla Little mountain

Shayma With a wonder place

Shazana Princess

Muslim Girl Names From S

Muslim Girl Names From S

Shazfa Success

Shazia Aromatic

Shazmah Rare moon

Shazmin Whitestone

Shazneen The most amazing flower

Sheema Daughter of all bibi haleem Sadia who milked Muhammad (P.B.U.H) at
His son hood

Sheen Snow

Sheenaz Beauty

Shehla Kind of a blossom

Shehr Bano Princess

Shehzadi Princess

Sheila Little mountain

Shellah Really, Kind individual, Beautiful

Sherana Sweet

Shereen Sweet, kind-hearted and Lovely

Sheyla Pine tree

Sheza Good (spiritual ) woman

Shezan Beautiful

Shihaam Intelligent

Shillan A blossom

Shimaz Beloved

Shireen Sweet

Shiya Exceptional

Shiza A present or gift

Shu’a Rays of Sunlight

Shuba Beautiful

Shujana Brave, powerful

Shumaila Beautiful confront

Shumaisiya Town at Makkah in which the pilgrims was able to dorn their charms

Shumaylah The very first girl in Islam who wore colored garments was

Muslim Names for Girls

Muslim Names for Girls

Shumaylah; spouse of al-Abbas and that she was also the very first to prepare
Cologne; again the girl of Ali bin Ibrahim has been a narrator of all
Hadith, understood

Shumaysah She was a narrator of Hadith

Shurafa Noble

Shurooq Dawn, Sunrise

Shyreen Talking to saafa and Marwa

Siddiqa Trustworthy, fair

Siddiqah Strictly veracious, fair

Siddra Just Like a Star

Sidra Tree

Sidrah Title of a tree

Siham Arrows

Simra Heaven, Lady

Simrah Jannat (paradise )

Sireen She had been the daughter of Ibn Abdullah Ibn Masood along with a narrator of all
Same title has been the sister of Mariah al-Qabtiyah; al-Maqooqus of all

Sitarah Star

Sitwat Somebody with admiration and fame

Sobia Good and Noble Girl

Sofia Beautiful

Soha Star

Sohana Dews about the bud

Somaya Beautiful backyard surrounded by roses and flowers

Sonia Pretty, really beautiful

Sophia Wisdom

Soraiya Princess

Soraya Beautiful

Sorfina Clean, lovely, free of dirt

Souhayla Star

Su’ad Great luck

Suad Good luck

Subaha Beautiful

Subayah Daughter of all al-Harith al-Islamiyah, she had been a narrator of Hadith; She’s
Has been the spouse of Sad bin Khawlah

Subbiha Clean, clean

Subhaan Praising Allah

Subuhi The chilly breeze of dawn

Sudi She was a narrator of Hadith

Sufia A man who follows Sufism – sterile heart

Sughra Small

Suha Name of a star

Suhana Beautiful

Suhaylah Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing

Muslim Girl Names

Muslim Girl Names

Suhaymah Small arrow

Suhayr Appropriate name

Suheera Beautiful

Suja Calmness, quietness

Sukaina A youthful daughter of Imam Hussain who had been martyred

Sukaynah Calm, Quietude

Sulafah Choicest

Sultana Leader, ruler, royalty

Sulthana Queen

Sumaira Brownish

Sumaiya Pure

Sumanah She was a narrator of Hadith

Sumara Entertainer

Sumayrah Brownish

Sumaytah She was a company

Sumbul Frail, Delicate

Sumera Princess

Sumia The Person Who listens

Sumiya Beautiful

Sumlina Morning Star

Summar Fruit, Gifts

Summaya The very first woman who got Shahadat in Islam

Summayyah First martyr of Islam

Sumnah Title of an Arab woman (FH)

Sumra Fruit, summertime fruit

Sumrah Reward, present, the fruit with some Fantastic deed

Sundas Dress of paradise

Sundus A good silk That’s used for clothes in paradise

Sunya Sunshine, brightness

Suraiya Polite

Suraya Star

Surraya Brightest star sunlight

Suwaydah She was a narrator of Hadith

Suwera Morning

Swiyyah Small one