Na’il Acquirer, earner
Naadir Dear, Rare, Precious
Nabeel Noble Man
Nabhan Alert
Nabigh Genius
Nabih Alert
Nabil Noble, generous
Nadeem Companion, Friend
Nadhir Warner
Nadim Friend, companion
Nadir Dear, rare, precious
Nadr Flourishing
Naeem Blessing, Ease
Nafasat Refinement
Nafees Pureness, Pure
Nafis Precious
Naib Deputy, Second in Command
Naim Comfort, tranquillity
Najair Little Star
Najam Star
Najeeb Of noble birth
Najeed Highland
Naji Safe
Najib Intelligent
Najid One who helps, supports
Najih Successful
Najm Star, celestial body
Nameer Pure
Namik Writer/Author
Naqeeb Leader
Naqi Pure
Naqid Fault-finder
Naqqaash Painter, artist
Naseef The just one
Naseem Breeze
Naseer One who helps
Nashat Joy, Cheer
Nashit Energetic, active
Nasif Most just, equitable
Nasih Advisor, well-wisher
Nasim Breath of Fresh air, breeze
Nasir Protector, supporter
Nasmi Breeze
Nasr Help, victory
Nasser Protector
Natiq Categorical (decision), talker, speaker, rational
Naushad Happy
Naveed Glad tidings
Navid See Naveed
Nawaz Prince, kind, loving and generous
Nawfal Generous, old Arabic word for the Sea
Nayab Rare, Precious
Nazakat Delicacy
Nazar The one who gives
Nazeef Clean, neat
Nazeer One who warns
Nazih Pure, chaste
Nazim Intelligence , Power
Nazir Observer, supervisor
Nehan Beautiful
Nidal Fight, defence
Nihal Happy, Prosperous
Nishaaj Explorer
Nithar Sacrifice
Niyaz Dedication, Offering
Nizam Administration
Nizzar Keen-eyed
Noman Men with all blessings of Allah
Nooh Name of Prophet
Noor Attribute of Allah
Noorali Light of Ali
Noraiz The first sunshine of light from the sun which came to earth
Nour Light
Noureddine Light of faith
Nu’man Blood
Nuaym One of narrators of Hadith
Nubaid Bringing Happiness
Nuh A Prophet’s name
Numair Baby Tiger
Nur Light
Nur Firdaus Light of the Highest Paradise
Nur-ul-Qiblatayn Light of the two Qibla
Nuraz The Treasure Of Noor
Nurdeen Light of the religion
Nuri Shining, brightness
Nusayb Name of a dark slave who battled in the early wars of Islam
Nusayr Narrator of Hadith had this name